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Women Helping Women


Since 2004, Women Helping Women, Inc. has endeavored to improve the world by providing underserved women at home and abroad with life-changing opportunities for financial growth and educational advancement.  In addition, Women Helping Women, Inc. through its donations, interactions, and fundraising activities, has fostered positive and supportive relationships with our partners and the girls and women we serve.



The Homeless Shelters program is affectionally known as 'Party with a purpose.'  Originally, we opened our homes and invited women to enjoy light refreshments, learn about our work with the shelters and donate products requested by the six shelters we serve.  With help from our guest we separated, boxed, and prepared for delivery to the shelters the donated items. 


Following COVID we opted for drive-by donations and online items delivered directly to the shelters.  Fast forward to 2022, we began adding Christmas financial donations to sponsor activities and Christmas items for the families.  We estimate 13 years of approximately 6,000 donated items a year, Women Helping Women have donated approximately 78,000 household, baby items, personal care items and cleaning/sanitizing items to our six shelters.  For more details see Program Reports.

Women Helping Women, Inc. supports six (6) women's shelters in the Greater Atlanta area. We began our work at Nicholas House. Our next design project was Hagar's House. We provided window treatments for each room and bedroom plus accessories for the main floor bedroom. 

The other shelters, My Sister's House, Genesis, Securus, and Serenity House, we provided priority items responding to specific requests from each shelter.  Items are collected on an annual basis via a project entitled "Party With A Purpose," where women from the community gather together and donate the items These items are sorted and packaged based on the requests made by each shelter and delivered to each of the 6 shelters.

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Empowering Women, Children, & Families Around The World.

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